Log Boom Park Pedestrian Bridge

Staff Contact

Ann Stanton


Current Status:

The Log Boom Park pedestrian bridge connecting the Log Boom Park to a public daytime easement on the marina site has been installed in January 2017. 


In previous years, a pedestrian bridge existed over Stream 0056 near its confluence with Lake Washington. The previous bridge provided a pedestrian connection between the City's park and an existing public easement through the marina property. The previous bridge was damaged in 2009 during a large storm event and the pedestrian connection between the public easement and park was temporarily lost.  The City now seeks to replace the previous bridge with a new structure meeting existing environmental regulations.

Project Description:

The project will include construction of new bridge footings, placement of a pre-fabricated metal bridge, new walkway to connect to the bridge, and landscaping & mitigation plantings; the project plans may be viewed using the link in the box to the left.  The bridge will be an 8-foot wide, 35-foot long structure with open-grate decking meeting current ADA standards. While no in-water work is proposed, the City did acquire an HPA permit from the State as required for working over the water.  The project also includes mitigation plantings to enhance the habitat provided in and around the stream mouth.


Last updated: Fri, 01/11/2019 - 9:01am