Manufactured Housing Communities/Mobile Home Park Project

Kenmore is one of the few communities in east King County with a significant number of mobile and manufactured homes (approximately 250 in six parks). Mobile and manufactured housing offers a relatively affordable form of unsubsidezed single-family housing but the overall availability of mobile and manufactured housing has been decreasing in King County as parks are redeveloped and replaced with more expensive housing and other uses. The City does not want to be in the position of some surrounding communities that have had to face the issues of a mobile home park closure in a time of crisis.

The City Council has been considering various strategies that would prevent closure, make closure less likely, and/or address the impacts of closure of the mobile home parks.

June 2019 - The City received an appeal to the Growth Management Hearings Board (GMHB) of Ordinance 19-0481, the Manufactured Housing Communities ordinance.  The GMHB is expected to make a final decision on this appeal on December 11, 2019.  During the appeal process, Ordinance 19-0481 remains in effect and will continue to apply to all six of the mobile home parks in the city and the City Manager has recommended to the City Council that they strongly defend the ordinance.  In the meantime, however, the City will be delaying work on the upzoning outlined in the ordinance for the four parks north of SR-522. More information about the appeal process can be found here. 

May 2019 - The Planning Commission began discussion May 7, 2019 on the phased rezoning in 10 years of the four MHCs north of SR-522 and will continue that discussion over the next few months. Click here to view the agendas and meeting materials.

April 2019 - The City Council approved new zoning for the City's six existing manufactured housing communities on April 15, 2019. This new zoning - call Manufactured Housing Community or MHC - is described in Ordinance 19-0481 and restricts other land uses possible on a manufactured housing community site (including multifamily uses like apartments and condominiums) and should limit the potential for redevelopment of these properties. City Council hopes this zoning change will protect the manufactured housing communities and the unsubsized form of affordable single-family housing they provide. Click here to view the new zoning map. 

Along with approving these zoning changes, the City Council asked the Planning Commission to consider a future rezoning (after 10 years) of the four manufactured housing communities north of SR-522 (Lakewood, the two communities on NE 181st Street and Kenmore Village). This future rezoning would allow multifamily development at higher densities but would include a requirement that any new project provide some affordable housing. The Planning Commission will be looking at recommendations for this future "up-zoning" over the next few months. 



March 20, 2017 - City Council adopts Housing Strategy Plan.


October 2017 - Planning Commission begins to consider ways to preserve existing affordable housing, focusing on manufactured housing communities (MHC).


November 13, 2017 - City Council approved a 6-month moratorium, pausing any redevelopment of the mobile home park communities. That moratorium was later extended until October 2018.


January 2018 - Throughout the month, City staff met one-on-one with all MHC Property Owners.


January 23, 2018 - Planning Commission meets with MHC Property Owners for roundtable discussion, city staff attended.


January 30, 2018 - Plannig Commission meets with MHC residents and hosts breakout sessions for each community.


February through April 2018 - Planning Commission meets and develops recommendations for each of the communities based on options and criteria.


April 23, 2018 - Moratorium extended to October 2018.


May 15-16, 2018 - Planning Commission hold public hearing on their preliminary recommendations.


June 5, 2018 - Planning Commission makes final decision on recommendations.


July 9, 2018 - Planning Commission presents their recommendations to City Council.


July 23, 2018 - City Council directed staff to work on an overlay option and an overlay option with a sunset clause in addition to the existing options.


Setember 17, 2018 - City Council provided preliminary direction to City staff on land use strategies to be pursued, giving staff direction on code amendments. The City Council chose Option 1 for the two parks on NE 175th Street (Inglewood East and Lakewood Villa). For the remaining four parks, (Lakewood, Lake Terrace, the unnamed park on NE 181st Street, and Kenmore Village), the Council chose Option 7. Descriptions of these two options follow:


  • Place protective zoning and/or a preservation covenant over the mobile home park (MHP)
  • Create a TDR (transfer of development rights) program for the landowner, and/or
  • Create a fee-in-lieu option for the landowner, if affordability is ensured



  • Place protective zoning over the MHP for 10 years

  • After 10 years, upzone the property with affordability requirements

  • Require a relocation plan


October 8, 2018 - City Council extends the moratorium preventing development for 6 months.


November 6, 2018 - Planning Commission holds public hearing on Comprehensive Plan amendments supporting preservation of the existing mobile home parks. 


November 19, 2018 - City Council considers Comprehensive Plan amendments supporting preservation of the existing manufactured housing communities.


November 26, 2018 - City Council adopts Comprehensive Plan amendments.


March 11, 2019 - City Council considers Zoning Code amendments to establish new zoning district.


March 25, 2019 - City Council extends the redevelopment moratorium for an additional 3 months and holds a public hearing on the Zoning Code amendments.


To add your name to the email list for this project or for more information, please contact Lauri Anderson at or 425-398-8900.


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