Squire’s Landing Float Replacement Project

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Ann Stanton
Parks Project Manager
(425) 398-8900

Plans for the new float dock


October 1, 2017 Progress Report:




Erosion control measures, selected tree removal and tree protection fencing has been installed.  The new float is being fabricated off-site.  Planting is limited and should occur in October.  Layout for the new paved path, parking stall and landing platform for the new float access ramp has been completed.  Grading and rock base installation for this work is scheduled for early October, with paving to follow.  State and federal permits for the float require that in-water work not begin until November 16th.  Once the upland work is completed, there will be a pause in activity in early November before the new float can be completed and open for use.





Squire’s Landing waterfront access area is closed to public access during weekdays from 4:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for the next several months. Ohno Construction Company began mobilizing this week to replace the old float and improve the park for accessibility with a path. The contractor does not anticipate needing to close Squire’s Landing entirely to public access and will work to keep the park open and available during evenings and weekends. The parking, boat storage racks, and boat shed should be generally available to you during those times.


Expect intermittent construction activity on weekdays from now through November 30. The contractor may occasionally need to keep the park closed overnight or over the weekend for safety reasons which means no public access on those days.


The contractor will post “Closed to Public Access Weekdays 4:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.” on the gate and lock it on the evenings and weekends when necessary. Activities requiring closure include tree removal, demolition, grading, placing crushed rock, forming and pouring concrete, asphalt paving, installing piles and placing the new float. Most of these will probably only take a day or two at a time and be coordinated with similar work activities at Rhododendron Park.


The old float will be removed at some point, possibly very early in the project. Once it is gone, access to the water will need to be at the gravel take-out or from the old dock in the lagoon, or at another park such as Log Boom.




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