Improving the Health of the Sammamish River, One Derelict Boat at a Time


City Takes the Lead with Other Agencies to Remove Derelict Boat

Last week, in cooperation with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR), the City worked with global environmental services company National Resource Corporation (NRC) to remove a derelict boat from the Sammamish River. The tedious task involved removing a partially sunken 50-foot Bullnose Chris-Craft that had been stuck in the sediment south of the Squire's Landing Park for over 20 years.

Decomposing boat materials, including wood, various types of metals and oils, were deemed harmful to the water and habitat quality. These circumstances allowed the project to qualify for a DNR program that covered 90% of the $28,111 removal cost.

Due to the boat's duration in the water, the structural integrity of the boat was hindered, forcing NRC to remove the boat in pieces rather than lifting it with hoists. The removal process lasted a week and a half, ending this Wednesday. 

The removal of the derelict boat signifies more than simply getting rid of debris; the boat was an environmental and visual pollutant. The City is proud to present a healthier and more visually appealing waterway for people and aquatic and amphibious wildlife to enjoy. 

About DNR

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources manages over 3 million acres of forest, range, agricultural, and commercial lands in and 2.6 million acres of aquatic areas which include shorelines, tidelands, lands under Puget Sound and the coast, and navigable lakes and rivers. Part of the DNR's management responsibility includes monitoring of mining cleanup, environmental restoration, providing scientific information about earthquakes, landslides, and ecologically sensitive areas. DNR also works towards conservation, in the form of Aquatic Reserves such as Maury Island or the Woodard Bay Natural Resource Conservation Area.

Derelict boats put public safety and the health of our marine and fresh waters at risk. DNR's Derelict Vessel Removal Program is the state's key mechanism for addressing the problem of derelict or abandoned vessels in Washington's waters. Since DNR instituted their derelict boat removal program in 2002, over 580 abandoned or neglected vessels have been removed from Washington waters. 

To learn more about DNR's derelict boat removal program, visit


The crew removed the derelict boat piece by piece over the span of a week and a half. 
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Last updated: Fri, 11/17/2017 - 12:17pm