Slurry Sealing Scheduled to Start August 21 in Kenmore North of 522

In order to preserve our streets in the most cost-effective way, slurry sealing is scheduled for August 21 - 27 and many streets on the north side of Kenmore will be treated. If your street is being treated, you will not be able to park on the road or use the road that day from 7am to 5pm. 

Information will also be mailed to homes. You can also check for the latest project map and schedules. Schedules may change slightly due to weather.

We have tried to schedule the work to ensure routes are only impacted for a day, but no doubt about it, this work is going to be a big inconvenience in north Kenmore! Even if your road is not being treated, please plan your transportation around the work being done in your area. Thank you for planning ahead!

  • Crews are permitted to work from 7am to 1pm and the slurry seal will then cure for four hours. The road will be ready to drive on by 5pm each day.
  • “No Parking” signs will be out 24-hours in advance letting you know when cars must be moved.
  • Even though the crews will leave in early afternoon, the slurry seal will not be ready to drive on until 5pm each day, or, when the no parking signs are removed. Residents will not be able to park on the road or use the road from 7am to 5pm. Please plan in advance.

What is Slurry Seal and Why Do It? 

  • Extends road life without costly asphalt replacement/overlay and makes our residential roads last longer 
  • Water / Oil / Aggregate mixture in liquid slurry form spread as a thin coating over existing road surface
  • To preserve and protect the underlying pavement structure and provide a new driving surface. It is a cost effective way to preserve and extend the life of pavement.  

How Are Roads Selected?

  • Slurry seal is most effective on roads that are starting to show their age, but do not have a lot of cracking. Slurry sealing keeps good roads good and allows the road to have a much longer service life before costly structural repair or replacement projects are needed.
  • Your road may not have a ton of potholes and you may not see much cracking. But, a little maintenance and slurry sealing now could prevent the need for costly repairs later.
  • Conversely, if your road has a lot of cracking, it may not be a good candidate for slurry sealing and may need a more substantial treatment such as asphalt overlay or full replacement.  For example, Simonds Road from NE 165th St to 92nd Ave NE is scheduled for an asphalt overlay in 2020. 

Learn more about how the work is done, when sweeping is done, and see up-to-date schedules at

Questions?  Contact Tobin Bennett-Gold, Traffic Engineer,, 425-398-8900.

Last updated: Tue, 08/06/2019 - 9:22am