Critical Areas Regulations and Shoreline Master Program Update

On June 17, the City Council adopted revised critical area regulations (Ordinance 19-0488).

The Council Also adopted changes to the City's Shoreline Master Program (Ordinances 19-0489 & 19-0490), but those amendments are not effective until approved by the Department of Ecology.  Approval is expected in Fall 2019.

On May 23, a SEPA DNS for the project was issued. Background information can be found below.


The Planning Commission spent the last year reviewing the City's critical areas regulations and Shoreline Master Program.  These regulations, part of the Kenmore Municipal Code, were last addressed in 2012.  The Fact Sheet provides more information about the project.  The update must be completed by June 30, 2019.

The City's consultants have prepared a "Gap Analysis", including recommending revisions to the Critical Area Regulations and Shoreline Master Program based on recent court cases, advances in best available science, and consistency with state law.  Other suggestions in the analysis support clarity and ease of use of the City's code.  Click here to read the Gap Analysis.

Click here to review the Planning Commission's agenda materials for this project.  Consideration of the specific Comprehensive Plan and Code amendments began with the October 16, 2018 agenda.

SEPA Materials:

Revised Definitions - Final Revisions

Critical Area Regulations Intro and Wetlands - Final Revisions

Critical Area Streams and Lakes - Final Revisions

Critical Area Fish and Wildlife Habitats - Final Revisions

Critical Area Geological Hazards - Final Revisions

Critical Area Flood Hazards - Final Revisions

Flood Hazard Area Diagram

Critical Area Groundwater Susceptibility and Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas

Shoreline Master Program Shoreline Sub-Element

Shoreline Master Program Enviroment Designations

Consolidated Shoreline Master Program Regulations

Zoning Code Amendments to other sections related to PAUE

Cumulative Impact Analysis

SEPA Environmental Checklist

Additional Amendments to Zoning Code 1

Additional Amendments to Zoning Code 2

Best Available Science Evaluation for PAUE

Final Gap Analysis and Recommendations


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