Rhododendron Park Boarding Float

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Ann Stanton
Parks Project Manager
(425) 398-8900

October 1, 2017 Progress Report:

The site for the new boarding float at Rhododendron Park has been cleared and layout for the ramp's shoreline landing pad completed.  This pad will be constructed in October along with rockery placement, landscaping and rail fencing.  The float is being fabricated off-site.  State and federal permits for the float require that in-water work not begin until November 16th.  Once the upland work is finished, there will be a pause in activity before the new float is installed and open for use.



The City of Kenmore is building a new boarding float (dock) for hand-powered watercraft on the Sammamish River this fall at Rhododendron Park. The contractor began mobilizing August 28.


The boat launch driveway on the east side of 68th will be closed to public access from September 15 to approximately October 16.  There will be one-way traffic allowed on the driveway until September 14. We anticipate temporary driveway closures during the middle of November for final installation of the pilings and float.


The informal access to the Sammamish River used by paddlers is not available to the public from now until the float and waterwalk projects are complete. It also means that while the driveway is closed, users of the Fish & Wildlife boat launch on the west side of 68th will need to utilize u-turns on public rights of way to complete ingress/egress at the launch.


As much as we would have liked to keep the driveway and water access open, we consider it safer for citizens to stay out of this active construction area. The temporary closure will support better construction as well. Please be patient during this time.







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