Manufactured Housing Communities/Mobile Home Park Project

On Monday, July 9, 2018, at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall (18120 68th Ave NE, Kenmore), the Planning Commission will present their final recommendations to the City Council on options for the mobile home parks.  Although this is not a public hearing, there will be an opportunity for citizen comment at the beginning of the meeting.  A Spanish interpreter will be available for commenters.

After the City Council receives the Planning Commission's recommendations, they will begin their own deliberations on this topic.  We anticipate that the Coucil will make preliminary policy recommendations this summer, with final action in the fall.  Depending on Council direction, a public hearing may be held prior to final action.

Click here to view the Planning Commission's evaluation criteria and their final recommendations.  

El lunes, 9 de julio de 2018, a las 6:00 p.m. en la Alcaldía (City Hall 18120 68th Ave NE, Kenmore) la Comisión de Planificación le presentará al Concejo Municipal sus recomendaciones finales sobre las opciones para los parques de casas rodantes.  Aunque esta no es una audiencia pública, habrá una oportunidad al comienzo de la reunión para que los ciudadanos aporten sus comentarios.  Habrá una intérprete de español disponible para aquellos que quieran hacer comentarios.

El Concejo Municipal comenzará sus deliberaciones sobre el tema después de que reciba las recomendaciones de la Comisión de Planificación.  Anticipamos que el Concejo dará sus recomendaciones preliminares sobre las políticas este verano y su acción definitiva en el otoño.  Dependiendo de lo que indique el Concejo, puede que haya una audiencia pública antes de la acción definitiva.

Haga clic aquí para ver los criterios de evaluación de la Comisión de Planificación y sus recomendaciones finales.  

Background: The City is one of the few communitites in east King County with a significant number of mobile and manufactured homes (approximately 250 in six parks).  Presently, there are no regulations in the City that would prevent or mitigate closure of a MHP in Kenmore.  The City does not own the MHP properties and the property-owner could choose to convert a MHP into commercial or multifamily development.  The MHP property-owners have varying timelines for potential redevelopment.  Some are interested in preserving a MHP for the long-term.  Others are interested in more immediate sale or redevelopment.  State law requires a one-year written notice to residents if a park is going to be permanently closed.


Since overall availability of mobile and manufactured housing has been decreasing in King County as parks are redeveloped with other uses, and mobile and manufactured housing has offered a relatively affordable form of unsubsidized single-family housing and is being replaced with more expensive housing, the City Council adopted a temporary moratorium on redevelopment of the mobile home parks (Ordinances 17-0453 and 18-0462) until October 28, 2018.  The temporary moratorium is to allow time for consideration and discussion of the issues surrounding the MHPs.  The City does not want to be in the position of some surrounding communities which have had to face the issues of a mobile home park closure in a time of crisis.


The Planning Commission is considering various strategies for the MHPs that would prevent closure, make closure less likely, or address the impacts of a closure.  The Planning Commission seeks to balance preserving existing affordable housing with the need to increase the available housing supply overall.


Frequently Asked Questions: Here are responses to some frequently asked questions (preguntas frecuentes) about the MHP project.


Planning Commission Recommendations: The Planning Commission has been reviewing background information about Kenmore's MHPs since last October.  They also have listened to people involved in this issue, including MHP property-owners, MHP residents, others in the community, and representatives of organizations representing both property-owners and residents.  Summaries of the special public meetings held for property-owners and residents can be found here.


6837 NE 182nd Street (Lakewood) and 7000 and 7021 NE 181st Street (1 of 2)

6837 NE 182nd Street (Lakewood) and 7000 and 7021 NE 181st Street (1 of 2) - Spanish

6837 NE 182nd Street (Lakewood) and 7000 and 7021 NE 181st Street (2 of 2)

6837 NE 182nd Street (Lakewood) and 7000 and 7021 NE 181st Street (2 of 2) - Spanish

7031 NE 175th Street (Inglewood East)

7031 NE 175th Street (Inglewood East) - Spanish

7301 NE 175th Street (Lakewood Villa)

7301 NE 175th Street (Lakewood Villa) - Spanish

7614 NE Bothell Way (Kenmore Village)

7614 NE Bothell Way (Kenmore Village) - Spanish


Small Group Comments to Full Commission

Small Group Comments to Full Commission - Spanish

Property-owners special public meeting summary


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